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Hello everyone.  From comments and messages, some on this site I feel would rather not have me comment on their entries.  That is fine.  And it does not hurt my feelings.  If you would prefer that I do not reply to your messages, please reply to this journal entry or if you prefer send me a PM.  Or just do not read my reply.  I will continue keeping everyone in this community in prayer and as I always have, hope in Christ that your walk in Christ grows and your marriage reconciles at a level better than you could imagine. 

If you want me to continue to reply when you journal, please do not reply to this entry. 

May Christ's peace be with all of us no matter what our trial in life is.

  • Tim,  I am just speaking for myself and what I observe. I think people like you to response and give opinions. It keeps them going.  People may not agree with other people's opinions and that is OK.  I think God brings people into our lives for a reason whether it is in person or over the internet.  I value your opinion and I read it whether or not I agree with it. It is always comforting to have someone acknowledge a posting.

  • Obviously I overlooked the part that you said not to reply ifrom I don't want you to reply to my posting... lol  

  • Tim, you are a very valued part of this community.  You have been a good friend and brother in Christ.  I know that a lot of my post can be controversial and that is ok.  One of the reasons that we should be proud to live in a country where freedom of speech and freedom of religion make up the fabric of who we are.  Your advice and opinions are valuable.  Continue to post and comment on all the journals as you do with so much dedication.

  • Bishop TD Jakes talks about That there is a value of having a diversity of ministers on Christian TV.  Someone may watch different ministers and get something of value from each one.  Maybe where one touches a cord with a certain part of a person's walk, another touches a different part.  I look at this community very much in the same way.

  • You have been a lifesaver for me.  There were times I literally slammed my phone down in frustration or just stuck my tongue out at your reply :)

    You obviously give thought and prayer to every response.  Thank you for your commitment, kindness, and love for others.  I know without a doubt God put you in my life.  

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