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pray for someone

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Many months ago, someone was on this site claiming she had success using a spell caster to bring her husband back from many other women.  And to go to a website, click on a link, or call the number for more info. 

Someone has responded thanking her for a way to fix things for him.

Pleas say a prayer for this person that he sees Christ's light and doesn't fall for evil's lies, tricks, and deception.  Please also say a prayer for the people responsible and contributing to this evil..  I asked him to post in a journal, so hopefully things don't go in the wrong direction.

  • Those spell caster and wizard things are a scam.  They've been around for a while.  I do hope no one falls for them.

  • I hope no one falls for the scam either.  But as prayer opens the door for Christ, seeking any other power besides Christ opens the door to evil.  

  • Prayers for peace Through Christ.

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