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not a bad day

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a friend in church text me this morning.  He has not missed a Mass in several years now.  He led a rough life for some time and is not in union with the church.  (my words, not the church's)  We talk sometimes after mass.  And I, in part, led him to confession.  He had been seeing a long painful path that he had to take to come to where he needed to be.  Sorry about being so vague.  And today he found it will be so easy to become a real member of the church.  (Again my poorly chosen words.)   He said he had been crying off and on all morning full of wonder and joy and feeling a goodness although overwhelmed.  

He has been fighting this for years and found relief today.  So, we met for a long, talk and lunch.  I had told him the angels were singing for today he confessed his sins and is taking steps to grow in Christ.  He said the priest said something about the angels singing too.

So, even if we don't say much, don't really testify, or witness like we think we need to, people are looking at us, listening to us, wanting what we have. 

as for the wife.  She stayed home Monday, Tuesday, went out with her girlfriend I assume wednesday and was home by 830 (shocker there) and stayed home Thursday as well.  This morning, Saturday morning, she asked if one of the children was home.  I said yes, she said she didnt know but phrased it in such a way like she wanted me to know what time she got home.  I asked her if he was home when she got home.  She said she got home at 1230 (wow, very early for her) and she didn't know if he was in bed or not.  I am sure he was.  He comes home pretty early most nights he goes out with friends.  

Tonight she is still home, but may still go out later, who knows.  

This morning, i was up but then came into the bedroom while she was sleeping.  She was waking up.  she usually has one or both arms go numb when she sleeps.  Her arm was hanging off the side of the bed.  I grabbed her hand and caressed it a little.  She was still partially asleep but trying to get up.  She let me hold her hand for a bit, till I let go.  that's really the first time since there has been any physical affection.  though holding a sleepy person's hand isn't all that affectionate.  I then said good morning and she let me kiss her.  

Then, as zI was running some errands, she called and poorly explained what she wanted me to do and showed frustration and and attittude.  but when zi got home she was ok.

It is funny.  The things before the LD that would send us to new heights and new lows now we let go or dont read into any longer.  And just find peace in Christ.  There may be a day we all find peace also in our spouses.  But will know the true peace, the peace that will never let us down is only in Jesus.  

  • I am so glad to hear, what a great day.  First your friend, then your wife.  God is smiling and the angels are singing.

  • Praise God for the victories in our lives.  As for your friend, Praise God again!

  • All things come together for the good....

    The trick is not to try to figure out exactly how it is going to happen.  Your testimony is strong and others are watching.  That's something for which to thank God, for sure!

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