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Not sure who it was, but I believe someone said they were going to give the LD book to their spouse.  

I would recommend not doing this.  If they see that this is what you are doing they will look at it as a ruse to win them back, a step by step guide to win her or him back vs a journey you are undertaking with Christ.

Look at it this way, you were called to do the LD, not her, and there is a reason for that.


  • Yes that would have been me Tim. On Xmas day I would be on day 33-36 or something like that. I guess you are right since I chose to do the Dare, figured maybe she would give it thought to do it or not. Maybe it would open her heart up a bit

  • I had the same thought, hoping that it would bring her peace like it did me and also to have her come back to the marriage.  I think it is best right now not to share the LD.  

  • Tim I must say, I've read plenty of your journals and you are a very very strong man in faith and as a person to ensure what you've gone through. My wife and I are not christians, we are Catholics, but neither of us really practiced any sort of faith until now where I am in this predicament you've been helping me with. I've found faith and want to hold on so so much every time I have a down moment. At least you guys lived together, it is so hard for me to do or prove much not being in the same household since I moved out 3 weeks ago, ( this Monday will be 1 week of her saying she wants divorce ) I just find it very hard to have hope when we don't chat much or see each other much or when she's being very cut throats about things.... I really hope and pray that God will shine a light in her heart and allow her to see I am changing everyday for the better and to keep our marriage going.

  • Jongezoon.  I am Catholic too.  Let me say, that Catholics are definitely Christians.  Some people may claim Catholics are not true followers of Christ, and there are a lot of people that believe Catholics do some odd things that are not of Christianity, but if you follow your faith, you are a Christian.   Let this be your wake up call as it was mine and now start building your faith life.  

    Being separated has it's advantages.  I do agree that a married couple under the same roof is better though.  Some advantages you do have:  She is automatically given more space that she wants, it gives you less control and God more control, you don't have to deal as much with the cruelty, and venom she often will want to hurl at you, you don't have to see everyday the anger in her, she doesn't feel like she can't escape you and feel the need to none stop be out of the house and leave you wondering where and what she's doing.  

    Do not worry about her seeing the changes in you.  She will.  She will not mention it, or if she does, she may throw it in your face that you can't continue this, that it is all fake, or you shoujld have been this way all the time.

    let God handle what she sees and when.  What you can't do, God can do for you.

  • Tim you are right, I will stay focused on the goal and do my best to see it through. Since my wife decided to come over tomorrow morning to give my father the honor of asking him to be our sons Godfather, I had sent her this because I had asked her to have bfast with my son and I and she said she would text around 11 when she was coming over so I sent her this because she's been avoiding anything to do with us being together "I don't know if you're trying to avoid me lately, I know everything is still fresh with your decision, I don't blame you or judge you Dayana. What I last told you about how I feel about you will always stand, even as a friend because as my friend I want to care for your well being. We share one thing in common for now which is Aiden and his future, I'm working on it, even though I started late know everyday I am giving everything I can to his cause. I understand and respect your decision and I finally made peace with it recently. I've chosen to leave our issues in Gods hands and have him do as he sees fit with it, regardless of the outcome. I want to see you happy more than myself being happy. Every morning and night since Wednesday I pray for you and Aiden and give thanks you're both here alone and breathing. This choice was mine because it brings me happiness and the ease I can't find with anyone else. And I'm going to see it through because it is the right thing to do. You may question it a few times but I hope you're able to see past that and truly see everything I'm doing is from my heart. I forgive you if you've ever felt guilty about hurting me or telling me you fell out of love months ago. It's ok. My love for you is unconditional. Have a goodnight"  she only replied with a " have a goodnight I'll text you when I'm coming over" it's time like these that make it tough. But at least she knows that I have taken a path towards God and his work in our marriage.

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