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no expectations and great expectations

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I will be going out of town for part of the weekend, so I may not be on here Saturday or so.  

Keep in mind as most of you have, to have no expectations of your spouses showing any appreciation of your changes or the things you do differently now that you are growing in the dares.  And have no expectations of when God will do things in our lives or our spouses.  

In the dares, we learn to not have expectations, to Be still, to leave it all to God to handle, to only do a dare a day, no more no less.  All these things are good.  All these things help so much.

But, at least for me, i have to start remembering to have great expectations, huge expectations of what God can do, in His time. To remember to be patient in persistence in asking God to heal our spouse to Him and also to us.  To know God can do anything, no matter small of a chance we as humans think there is.  To remember our Savior Who woke up in a boat in a huge storm simply tells the winds and the see to settle down, and it happens.  Who can lasso wind and water?  So,  even though spouses have free will, and it is all on God's time.   i need to remember to have great expectations that everything will happen for the good of me since I love Him.  This may mean He brings changes my wife and we reconcile in Him.  Or that we remain married and things never get better but I am in peace and joy because I know I have Christ.  Who knows what will happen but God.  But to have less than great expectations is to put a limit on what God wants to do for us.  If we on earth know how to give great gifts then He surely knows how to give great gifts better than we can ask for.

Sometimes His timing is longer than we like.  He may be testing us to see how much we trust in Him.

  • Good luck Tim.  Your insight will be missed.  And I pray for great expectations in your life.

  • Thanks for this, Tim!

    Have fun on your vacation, you deserve it.. ;)

    Youre insights will surely be missed but we are sure you'll be back with more.. :)

    Prayers are with you! Godbless!

  • Thank you for your prayers.  Not quite a vacation but should be a decent but long day.

  • True Tim, but we do need to expect that our spouses who have free will to do the right thing after a long grace period of them doing things that are not right.  Prayers to you.

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