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Day 15- Love is honorable`choose a way to honor and respect your spouse. So,

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So, I decided to post this on Facebook for day 15


A shout out to my hubby!  He’s been working mostly 7 days a week, on top of refurbishing another house. He also has a sinus infection so bad that the Dr. gave him a month's worth of antibiotics! Thank you for taking such great care of us babe. ❤️❤️❤️

My hubbys comment
As I remember, you got up sick , ran my bath ,and fixed lunch and dinner ,right back at u !!!! 
He also called me and thanked me for saying that on FB.  


  • It is good you are seeing the good in your husband and focusing on the positive. Positive feeds positive.

  • Wow, a double thank you, including a public thank you.  Really enjoy that memory, but let God know you enjoy Him all the more.  Be at peace, even if next time he doesn't react to a dare like he did this time.  And the times you dont' think he recognizes what you do for him in the dares remember he most likely does even when he doesn't mention it.

    I am not  thinking he will do this, but if he sees he let his wall down a little  in thanking you, do not worry if he puts his wall up a little higher for a day or two.  

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