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Day 10 Had to think of something extra hard for me.

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First off, can anyone tell me what to do when I'm typing my post on the computer and all of a sudden my pinky hits something and another screen shows up? this is the second time this happened, it's so frustrating. I put my heart into this, and it just vanishes.
So, he loves Marie Calendars apple pie with the crumbs on top. He gets home eat 11:45 Pm. It takes an hour to cook, I put it in the oven at 10:45 pm, and put a note on his char telling him to look in the oven and the freezer for a surprise. There was ice cream in the freezer to put on top. This was a good gesture because I go to bed early, so I had to make myself stay up.
One day he was pointing out to me things he had done for me. I asked him: "what do I do for you"?.  All he could come up with is you cook.  Are you serious?  I do everything for him. One time he went to the kitchen and didn't even know where the plates were.  All dares so far I do, and more.  I'm glad he knows I'm doing the LD because he is conscious of everything I'm doing.  It still makes me feel unloved that he agreed to do the LD with me, and is not following through.  At least he's making little efforts, like taking out the trash, cleaning the porch (another story), he is not being mean or talking down to me.
  • I type mine into a word document first so things like that don't happen. Then cut and paste into this journal.

    A little effort is better than none. Do you go to counseling with him? Sometimes people just need a little help communicating. Maybe he's not so good with it. I know I wasn't until all this started happening. Now, 7 months after my wife left, I am a great communicator. It just took some professional help.

    Keep up the dares. Hopefully he will start to notice more.

    “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

    2 Chronicles 15:7

  • Do not ask him what you do for him, or say, see what I did for you?  He notices much of it, but not all of it.  But when you ask, it takes away from what you did.  And it lowers what you do in his eyes.  We all want recognition, but receive that from the Lord.  

    You are holding on to expectations from him.  forget he knows of the LD.  Let it go.  This is your journey, not his.  Until you are perfected in this journey, do not look for what he is doing, at least for some time.  

    You are getting close to trying to pull his car up to yours.  If unsure what that means, read sean's journals.  from old to new.  Schumura.

    Looking for him to change is a very close step in taking control from Christ.  Be careful.

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