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Day 35: Marriage Mentor

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Day 35: 

Well, I was inspired by todays read!  Actually my Aunt has helped me a lot, because she went through something similar and fought for her marriage with my Uncle. They survived due to God and her strength!  I asked her to be my Marriage Mentor.  She gladly accepted.   Im so happy about it!  She has a lot of wisdom and a Godly mind set.  Strong in Faith.

  • FAntastic.  But be aware, sometimes it is difficult for people to give hard advice because they don't want you to suffer any longer.  I know on this site I sometimes want to say something that goes against what we are learning.

    i doubt your aunt will do such a thing.   Glad she is there for you.

  • thanks Tim.  I told her that I wanted her to hold me accountable.  I promisedon't to be very upfront and honest with her about anything.  I also told her that I would never get mad at what she says.

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