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Day 30: Unity and Oneness

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Day 30:


Well read this and prayed to God about getting past this point of not having unity.  I prayed that God would take down this division in my marriage.  I have tried and tried to make things right.  I dont do to much or to little.  I do a dare a day to the best of my ability. I prayed over my marriage, I asked God to help me.  The biggest thing that is keeping us from being in Oneness is my wife has filed for Divorce.  I do not want it, but I can not stop it.  I pray that she has a change of heart.  But mostly I pray for her to seek God.  I hope for her to find Him and ask for His guidance!  We had communication, but very little.  It was only about bills, and our son.  I did not push any issue of our relationship.

This was yesterday.  I have already completed Day 31 dare, I will post soon.


I could use encouragement!

Thank you! 

  • As Snaz said in someone else's post if a d happens take comfort in Christ knowing you stood and it's all on her.  And you honored God in standing and will continue to honor and glorify Him.  

    The marital covenant is written on her DNA.  She can not escape that.  

  • God no matter what will comfort you in your new found faith and hope.  When God is on your side what is there that can take away anything that you need?   He will fill all voids, needs, and desires.

    There is hope she will change when you have trust in Him.  Include praying that His will is done in her life.

    Seek comfort in your favorite Bible verses.

    His joy is there for you.

  • Thank you.  I agree, and I also believe she is making the worst mistake ever.  Was I perfect? NO! Was I the most wonderful husband? No! Did I learn from my mistakes? Yes!  Have I become a better person? Yes!  I will hold my head up, knowing I did everything I could.

    There is still time, and I hope and pray she will seek God before the final decision!

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