Collaborate without boundaries

Day 27 & 28: Not much action to be done.

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Day 27: 

I read the dare while I went hunting for the weekend.  While sitting there reading, I could not possibly come up with anything I had been to hard on my wife for.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is something. But, maybe I'm just so over the issue with us right now to put in much effort?  I did not really complete the dare, because we do not talk anymore.  Im not giving up, but I feel like Im bending over backwards and not getting anything in return.  She seems to have made up her mind.  Like I said though, Im not giving up hope.  I will continue to read the dares and do them the best of my ability.  

Day 28:

I read this dare on Sunday, and once again. I couldnt do much with it.  I went to Church, and had a wonderful day!  I cant help my wife with anything because we are not talking, she doesnt want me around.  Like I said maybe Im not trying hard enough? I dont know really whats going on with me.  I pray for her, I pray for our marriage. I pray that God helps me with the dares, but nothing comes to mind to be able to help do them.  So I have just left it alone. Im not sure what is happening? 


We will see how day 29 goes. 

  • If you're not remembering, you're doing the dares for Christ.  So really attempt to do each dare.  The harder it is to do the dares the .ore you grow and the more conviction placed on her.

  • I understand that, but nothing even came to mind to do the dares.  I couldnt think of anything that made me put to much pressure on her. And then I couldnt think of anything she needed.

  • i read what your dare is about, maybe you continuing doing this path is being hard on her because you are now a different and better person, you could apologize and tell her that youre sorry it took a while to notice things and now you want them to be different? if she says youre expecting too much you can be honest and tell her that God will handle whats out of your control as too much as well. maybe it will leave her pensive about what you told her then you can finish the dare with telling her praising that she is still around and that it brings you happiness knowing shes around and for that you love her unconditionally....

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