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Day 25: Forgiving

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Day 25:


Ok I am finally caught up on my days with posting.  I know I just posted day 24 earlier but, that was yesterday.  I read Day 25 this morning.  And I have forgiving my wife for everything she has put me through the last month and a half.  It has been pure Hell for sure.  However, I do forgive her.  She is supposed to be turning over everything we talked about Tuesday (about splitting up everything) to the attorney.  Im not sure when she will turn it into them.  But Im sure she is moving forward with it.  As much as I hate it and I am against getting the "D"  I forgive her for it.  I have not told her that I forgive her, but I will when the time is right. Maybe even when we sign papers, that maybe the time to tell her?  I am at full peace with everything because God is with me!  He is my strength and I have put all my trust and faith in Him.  I know he will open a door for me if this one closes.  I have no control on anything, other than how I react, and act towards my wife.   I forgive her most of all because she has no idea what she is doing, she is blinded by Satan.  I pray that she seeks God and He heals her heart.  I pray that He turns her bitterness and anger into Forgiveness.  I pray He protects our Marriage.  I pray that Im not to late in my repent! 

  • As long as your breathing it is never to late to repent.  God is most merciful.  and God is never late.  

    The world can not understand what you now understand.  And that is how you can  be in peace in this time.  It's impressive.  

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