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Day 24: No more Lusting

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Day 24:


Well, I read today's dare very late.  But , what I learned is something that I know I dont want and have already repented from.  I actually have lusted at times to be single.  When I get around old friends, or when my wife and I would have big fights.  However, now being on this journey I am 100% sure I do not want to be single.  I will never lust over something so stupid again.  I was wrong to ever have thoughts like that.  And now that it seems that is where my life is headed, I realized how bad I hate that I ever thought that way.  I love my wife so much, and want to be with her if it is God's will. 


  • Hindsight is always perfect. Perhaps this is a necessary introspection that God is allowing you to see so you can be shaped not to take things for granted if His will is reconciliation. I pray that is His will and I hope that you find peace and strength as this sorts out.

  • Wow!!!!  I just said the same thing to my husband the other day.  A lot of his friends have ended up how they wished for.  Divorced, alone, without their children, no home but that is exactly what they wished for by messing around with others, watching pornogrophy, gambling, being abusive.  Then they whinge about their wives turning the children against them after they're the ones doing these things.  It's happened times and times again with his friends.  One even ended up in jail and nearly had his son sent too.

    I'm glad you realise your mistake and are thankful for what you have.  Praise God!!!!

  • THe thoughts may pop back up in your head without you realizing it.  But, instantly let go of the thought.  

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