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Day 22: Love is Over!

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Day 22:


Well not the way I had hoped for.  Got a text a little while ago about the meeting to discuss splitting up stuff in the house.  She had a full plan, where she had met with a lawyer.  I am officially done and giving in.  I dont have anything left.  She is completely done.  She is having papers drawn up, she has told me her entire plan.  There is no stopping it.  She is so far away from the Lord its bad.  She is talking about a deal that is not bad at all for me, and my son.  So I must take it because I cant win in a court battle.  I have no leg to stand on.  Our house is owned by her parents.  Her mom watches our son when hes not at school.  I hate to say that Im giving in.  But I know that I have done everything I could.  


Thank you for all the support,


  • Sorry to hear this BoSox. Just know that I have all but decided I am done as well so you aren't alone in this. We can take comfort in knowing we gave our all, even if the other person refused to see it.

  • You gave nothing to give up.  This is not your fight.  It's God's.  Leave it to him.  You keep doing the dares and not giving up this journey you were called to do.  Seek comfort in prayer and your favorite verses.

  • Tim I decided this morning I will continue to do the dares.  However, she will not be responsive more than likely and Im ok with that. It is just hard to keep leaning towards someone when they are so distant to you.  I realize this is between God and I, so that is why I am going to keep doing the dares. I read my day 23 today, but I do not have any Addictions to give up.  I would have said I was addicted to TV or Sports but I have gave that up for over a month now.  

  • Sorry to hear this. May God send His angels to comfort you..

    I do hope you are nlmot giving up. The papers might have been drawn but you do not have any idea what will happen next. Maybe she will put it on hold or something. Expect great things from God. and if ever this will pursue, I do hope you will not backslide. Continue doing the dares and just allow Him rmto take over. Maybe just maybe she also has to go through this to realize your worth and to realize she needs God. Remember that God is using every circumstance in our lives to complete His purpose hence stay faithful to Him. Prayers go to you..

  • Thank you so much!  I must control myself during this process tonight.  I hope that I can be strong and show her how much I have changed by not losing it.  I wanted us to meet in public so that it  will help me be considerate of my surroundings.  

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