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Day 20: Accepting God

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Day 20:


Hello guys, I am already saved.  However, I did invite Jesus to use me in any situation that He would like to.  I am looking forward to this wonderful adventure that can bring so much joy to my life.  

I pray that my wife will seek God soon, so that we can work our marriage out, if it is God's will.  


No contact all day, and Im doing ok with it.


  • Marriages to stay in tact are God's will.  But He will not take away her free will.  

    The no contact days....God works in her on those days too.

  • I'm sure he does. I can since she is feeling guilty.  but not changing her mind.  I pray God's convicts her and brings her to her knees as he did me!  I pray he takes away her bitterness and anger and replaces it with forgiveness.  I pray my marriage to be healed. I pray for His will to be done!

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