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Day 5: Irritation

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Day 5: 


Hello guys,  I didnt have any contact at all with my wife except to call and complete the dare.  When I called and asked what 3 things I do irritates her or makes her feel uncomfortable she said.

1. The way I talk to her, when just us or in front of our son.

2. The way I treat her. Not putting her feelings before mine. 

3. Not paying attention to her enough. Not listening to her about her day that involves issues at work. Instead I continue to watch tv.


I actually have already apologized for all of these, when the split took place. I realize what I need to do different. I will work so hard to correct all of these issues along with other stuff I need to do. 


Day 6 is tomorrow. I  have been writing all my days down, and didnt think I would do the journal but then I realized I have nothing to be ashamed of, because Im fighting for what I believe in. So I could use any extra support, I can get! 

  • I will say your wife seems to be doing pretty well considering.  So many people here never get a response to this question.  

    So, praise God she is being cordial, and cooperative all things considered.  I know it doesn't feel that way to you.  

    The good part of doing the dares is it sure seems to do a good job covering all of our weaknesses in a short 40 days.  So, do not worry about fixing yourself.  If you do the dares as intended, without manipulating them you will change and if you take the dares and this journey with Christ seriously, the change will be permanent.

  • Tim is right. I have done two rounds of the dares and my husband still refuses to answer these questions because he thinks it no longer matters since we are already separated. So praise God for opening doors on this one. Lift it all to Him and ask Him to sustain where you lack. :)

    Continue doing the dares and have great expectations on God alone. :)

  • Thank yall so much.  We do have good contact. But I have taken you guys advice. I have ended all unnecessary contact, no more good night, good morning stuff.

    I honestly feel like she is playing with my emotions, but like I said I have turned it over to God and intend to stay that way!

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