Collaborate without boundaries
  • I can't choose her friends

    Sometimes I just need to vent. I know I shouldn't have expectations, but I can still be disappointed. I can still be angry. My wife used her online blog last night, only a few people can read it including myself. She hasn't posted in a few weeks...
  • Round UP #1 - Day 1-15

    Considering I've doing this for almost the full length of time now and hadn't shared yet. I have been keeping notes in a small journal on my phone, as I have gone on the notes have gotten more detailed. I know there are questions in the book and...
  • Still struggling with hope on Day 38

    As this is my first entry on here I don't know where to start. First off I want to thank the Love Dare for helping me appreciate my love for my spouse even more than I had before I started. I have been keeping a journal on my phone of my daily events...
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