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  • I Called

    Just a heads up, I called the Sherwood Baptist Church and spoke to someone about the website issues. She is going to relay the message, so hopefully we no longer experience the Runtime Errors :)
  • 11/13/18 - Day 133 - Love Absolutely Fights Fair

    Today is 11/13/18. Love should always fight fair, but sometimes you can only be fair on your end. I didn’t actually do anything for the dare today. The big thing is this, I have accepted that Erika is happy where she is. I finally believe it is...
  • 11/12/18 - Day 132 - Love Absolutely Lets the Other Win

    Today is 11/12/18. Honestly, there is no area that I am able to give into at this point. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today started off fairly well. Erika...
  • 11/11/18 - Day 131 - Love Absolutely Cherishes

    Today is 11/11/18. I reached out to Erika on Instagram with a little video. It was me saying “ I just wanted to let you know Erika, that I cherish you, and you mean everything to me”. As of writing this, I have not heard back from her on it...
  • 11/10/18 - Day 130 - Love Absolutely is Unconditional

    Today is 11/10/18. I would have loved to be able to do something for Erika today, but I just do not know what is possible. Without her being here or even having her things here, there is nothing I can do for her out of the ordinary. -----------------...
  • 11/9/18 - Day 130 - Love Hates When the Love Dare Site Goes Down

    Today is 11/9/18. The website is down, so I took the day off.
  • 11/8/18 - Day 129 - Love Absolutely Makes Good Impressions

    Today is 11/8/18. I was provided the opportunity today to do my greeting. Erika called me out of nowhere just to see how things were going. We talked for a short bit of time. She was on her way to her friends house. ----------------------------------...
  • 11/7/18 - Day 128 - Love Absolutely is Not Jealous

    Today is 11/7/18. Since I did not make the lists, there was nothing for me to burn. I think that allowing the negative aspects to be accepted as an entire package is the key here.This also does not mean it is a free pass though. Boundaries still do need...
  • 11/6/18 - Day 127 - Love Absolutely Believes the Best

    Today is 11/6/18. During the last round, I learned that it is Erika that I love. By that, I mean I love it all, the entire package. The positives are something I thank Go for, and the negatives are something I can embrace and also pray for. So for this...
  • 11/5/18 - Day 126 - Love Absolutely is Not Irritable

    Today is 11/5/18. Adding margin in my life means cutting out useless and wasteful activities in my day. The issue I run into is that I usually replace the eliminated activity with something else that is just as silly.The biggest thing I need to face is...
  • 11/4/18 - Day 125 - Love Absolutely is Not Rude

    Today is 11/4/18. So for the dare, I just sent Erika a short little text. I just asked her if there was anything that she found irritating about me or if there was anything that made her uncomfortable about me. As of now, I have not got a response yet...
  • 11/3/18 - Day 124 - Love Absolutely is Thoughtful

    Today is 11/3/18. For the dare, I just sent Erika a message seeing how she was and if there is anything I can do for her. She replied with everything is good, nothing I can do for her, and thank you. --------------------------------------------------...
  • 11/2/18 - Love Absolutely is Not Selfish

    Today is 11/2/18. Instead of buying a gift for Erika, I chose to make one. I got a big ink pad and a frame. I used these to make a footprint / paw-print from the dog we got together and frame it. I put it in her mail slot and just sent her a text saying...
  • 11/1/18 - Day 122 - Love Absolutely is Kind

    Today is 11/1/18. I spent a good portion of the day thinking and praying on what to do for this dare and nothing ever came to me. So maybe nothing at all is what God wanted me to do. What I can take from this though is that being kind and doing acts of...
  • 10/31/18 - Day 121 - Love Absolutely is Patient

    Today is 10/31/18. Happy Halloween! We only spoke for a few minutes today since she called when I was at my parents. My son was using my phone to video chat with his mom.The reason Erika called is because she wanted to stop by the house to pick up the...
  • 10/30/18 - Day 120 - Love Always is a Covenant

    Today is 10/30/18. As we put a close on the third round, I feel as if I grown quite a bit again even though I did not do all the dares exactly. For this dare, I did not rewrite the vows out, what I elected to do is commit them to prayer for the next round...
  • 10/28/18 / 10/29/18 - Day 120 - Love Always Hates the Stomach Bug

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't quit or give up, I managed to get myself a stomach bug from my son over the weekend. Since I'm doing the single dad thing though, I needed to conserve my energy for taking care of him. Hopefully things...
  • 10/27/18 - Day 119 - Love Always Endures

    Today is10/27/18. I was all aboard the struggle bus. I sat at the computer for over an hour, just not even knowing what to say in my letter to Erika. I was about to just skip it for the day and try again tomorrow. I thought, maybe another little prayer...
  • 10/26/18 - Day 119 - Love Always Endures

    I took the day off because I have just not been feeling well at all. I did not want to try to write my letter to Erika when my mind was not clear. I will complete this dare tomorrow.
  • 10/25/18 - Day118 - Love Always Fulfills Dreams

    Today is 10/25/18. The deeper I get into this journey, the more I understand the importance of sacrifice. I really wanted to be able to do something for Erika for this dare, but all I was able to do was get her some goat Halloween socks. She has yet to...
  • 10/24/18 - Day 117 - Love Always Agrees In Prayer

    Today is 10/24/18. Prayer for me is hit or miss. Some days it just flows out and feels amazing. For the dare today, I let it go by and did not ask Erika to pray with me. I decided that I am going to pray that she begins to invest her time in prayer. ...
  • 10/23/18 - Day 116 - Love Always is God's Word

    Today is 10/23/18. The endless struggle with the Bible. I know I need to spend more time reading it, but for some reason it just gets overlooked. Tobe honest, the Book is a very hard read. I just need to cut the time wasting and dive all into it. ---...
  • 10/22/18 - Day 115 - Love Always is Accountable

    Today is 10/22/18. My church has a young men's meeting on the second Friday of every month, I am looking to make the meeting next month and find some like minded Catholic men to connect with for growing my faith. I believe this will be an excellent...
  • 10/21/18 - Day 114 - Love Always Celebrates Godliness

    Today is 10/21/18. For the dare today, I reached out to Erika and thanked her for talking to me last night about the ex-wife situation. That to me was a big act of kindness. Now, I did only send it as a little Instagram video though. ----------------...
  • 10/20/18 - Day 113 - Love Always Completes Each Other

    Today is 10/20/18. I have not actually completed todays dare yet, but I am going to talk to Erika tonight about my situation regarding my son and ex wife. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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