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11/13/18 - Day 133 - Love Absolutely Fights Fair

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Today is 11/13/18. Love should always fight fair, but sometimes you can only be fair on your end. I didn’t actually do anything for the dare today. The big thing is this, I have accepted that Erika is happy where she is. I finally believe it is time for me to get off my horse and lay down my sword and shield. Obviously this is not what I want, but I do believe this is what is needed at this time. Over the next couple of days I am going to write my final letter to Erika. I want to take my time and make sure I cover everything that I want to talk about. I am also going to finally give her the link to my entries here. She may never use it, but I think she deserves to know.


I decided to try and call Erika today around 3:30. It went straight to voicemail, so I am blocked. So I just burned the last bridge, Facebook messenger. I just sent her the screenshot of the final messages I sent her last night. She read it and then blocked me on there also. I can only control my own actions. Today I also finally told my son that Erika is going to stay and play with her new friends, she is not coming back. He was crushed by it. It is so unfair that he has to experience this when he did nothing wrong. As far as the dares, this will be the final one today. I will post the letter I write for sure and I will be as active as I can be on here. Needless to say, God and you all are my witness to my efforts. You all have joined in my journey, providing counsel all along the way. I want to thank you all. Without everyone here, I would have quit months ago.

Side note, I called the Sherwood Baptist Church today and let them know about the website issue. So let’s hope it gets fixed soon! I have been using Google Docs for tying up my entries each day.

  • Thanks for calling.  I was thinking of who to call about it.  duh.  Didn't think as well as you did.  LOL. Were they responsive to you when you called?  Do you know if they monitor the site at all?  

    Pray and see if you should just finish out this round before moving on.  Even if you choose a coworker, a neighbor, your son, or your parents to do the dares on.

    Letting go...That can simply be letting her go to God.  while you stay still.  

  • Really make sure you are justified and in God's will sending her the link for this site.  And not that in any way your flesh is leading you in this.  Because our flesh may want to point out what we've gone through.  Kind of like saying, Look at all I did for you.  I am not saying that you are wanting her to see the site for selfish reasons at all, but make sure there is no self will or selfish reasons for doing so.

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