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11/10/18 - Day 130 - Love Absolutely is Unconditional

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Today is 11/10/18. I would have loved to be able to do something for Erika today, but I just do not know what is possible. Without her being here or even having her things here, there is nothing I can do for her out of the ordinary.


Again, we have radio silence. Not too much going on except spending time around the house with the kid. It is says such as this, that I wish Erika was here. I miss getting in the car with her and going on a random adventure with her and the kid as a family. At least I have the memories of when we did get to do that.


In other news, the ex-wife and her boyfriend are going to give it another try. So she will be moving in with him upon her return! That is a big stress relief for me.

  • I understand the stress relief of her moving in.  but pray about them acting as married when they are not.  

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