Collaborate without boundaries

11/7/18 - Day 128 - Love Absolutely is Not Jealous

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Today is 11/7/18. Since I did not make the lists, there was nothing for me to burn. I think that allowing the negative aspects to be accepted as an entire package is the key here.This also does not mean it is a free pass though. Boundaries still do need to exist also. This is where things get difficult.


Radio silence today, which actually feels weird now. We have been talking, yes minimally, but everyday. So what is life without stress? The Psychologist didn't get paperwork over in time, which may delay my pay for 3 weeks! Going to be making some calls tomorrow to see if I can get this all squared away. Aside from that, I have been really working on getting myself back in shape. I even did cardio for the first time in maybe a year. Lastly, I had a Knights of Columbus meeting today. As always, it was a good meeting.

  • be very cautious with setting boundaries or having expectations of  boundaries right now.  So often the people that  bring up putting boundaries in place are the same people that begin taking control from God and put their foot down and draw a line  in the sand.  and it backfires.  

    It is better to Be still and let God deal with the boundaries so often.

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