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11/6/18 - Day 127 - Love Absolutely Believes the Best

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Today is 11/6/18. During the last round, I learned that it is Erika that I love. By that, I mean I love it all, the entire package. The positives are something I thank Go for, and the negatives are something I can embrace and also pray for. So for this round, I am not going to make the two lists.


Did you go out and vote today? I did not unfortunately, but I was invited to. It came as a surprise, but Erika messaged me asking to go with her. After she asked me though, she realized that I wouldn't be able to go since it would be later in the night when I had my son. I did also ask her about the Trans Siberian Orchestra show and if she would be going. She said it would be too weird. So I am just going to try and sell the tickets.

  • Kind of funny that she's asking and wanting to go vote for you but to sit and enjoy some time together would be too weird.  

    Saying it would be to weird is a good thing.  It sure beats getting a big fat no thrown at you.  

  • I must agree.We are clearly at a very fragile time, so now is when I need to lean into God the most. He has done so much work already, now it is time to let Him continue. It is clear she is not 100% sure what is going on in her own mind and that is absolutely fine. Love is patient.

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