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11/5/18 - Day 126 - Love Absolutely is Not Irritable

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Today is 11/5/18. Adding margin in my life means cutting out useless and wasteful activities in my day. The issue I run into is that I usually replace the eliminated activity with something else that is just as silly.The biggest thing I need to face is procrastinating. Eliminating that would free up some real time for me.


Erika stopped by for a few minutes today. She was pretty excited to get the paw print I made from the other day :). She did only spent a few minutes here, so we barely got to talk, but I still am thankful for the time together. She did mention that it looks like I lost a lot of weight, which I did drop about 20lbs, so that was nice to hear!


  • I struggle with time usage.  As of late sometimes I spend too much time trying to be productive in getting home projects done.  And then I get burned out a bit.  So, I have lately been saying I will work until an hour and a half before going to bed, and use that  time to unwind or relax.  I  guess I have added margin for  destressing.  Not sure if this goes against what they say about adding margin or not.

    But, yes, we can eliminate a useless activity and replace it with something just as useless.

  • I think the key is to just have your priorities in order. Then you can take care of the important things.

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