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11/4/18 - Day 125 - Love Absolutely is Not Rude

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Today is 11/4/18. So for the dare, I just sent Erika a short little text. I just asked her if there was anything that she found irritating about me or if there was anything that made her uncomfortable about me. As of now, I have not got a response yet, but not much time has passed. 


Normal Sunday, got up, went to mass and then spent some time with my son. Erika messaged me again sending me one of those facebook memory pictures. It was a post about her watching a movie at the house with a picture of the living room. We messaged for a little back and fourth. It is nice to talk to her again at this frequency. I just do not want to abuse it or try and take my own plan to fix things. As Tim mentioned, it is all up to God and His will.

  • As you already know, enjoy the messages and thank God for them and continue to let Him know He's more important and more enjoyable than the messages, but you are thankful for them.

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