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11/3/18 - Day 124 - Love Absolutely is Thoughtful

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Today is 11/3/18. For the dare, I just sent Erika a message seeing how she was and if there is anything I can do for her. She replied with everything is good, nothing I can do for her, and thank you.


I actually woke up this morning to a text from her today. It was a picture of cooked eggs, sunny side up. She cooked them almost perfectly, which is awesome for her, because she always had trouble withe cooking them. We messaged a little bit today, my guess is that the other guy was at work.

  • She doesn't really know what she wants.  The fun with someone new or the kindness and patience of what you are showing.  

    Why send a pic of eggs if she really felt all in with the other person?  Why not cut off communication with you if she's all in with the other person.?  I am sure he would prefer it.  She's not giving in to his preferences.  

    Keep staying in the dares and not trying to fix this, and leave it still in God's hands.

  • Continue with all hope in God that all is possible, with everything.  Yet continue to have no expectations from her.  

  • That is my plan. I am trying to follow the dares more as directed in the fourth round. She has been reaching out to me a bit more recently and just go with it. I try to not force the conversation but I do not cut it off either.

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