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10/31/18 - Day 121 - Love Absolutely is Patient

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Today is 10/31/18. Happy Halloween! We only spoke for a few minutes today since she called when I was at my parents. My son was using my phone to video chat with his mom.The reason Erika called is because she wanted to stop by the house to pick up the letter. She picked it up since it was gone when I got home. No response from her though regarding it as of tonight. This would bother me in the past, but now I just find peace knowing she has it. As for the dare today, success.


Hard to believe I am starting off round four. I have never put so much faith and effort into anything in my life.

Had a great time today taking the kid trick or treating! Of course I dressed up too, I was a sailor.

Don't forget tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation!

  • Thanks for the reminder of the Holy day.  I think it is a day of obligation in just the Catholic faith.  

    That's great you are content when you get no response.  Seek that contentment even in harsh responses, not saying you will ever get any harsh responses. But, it does set us up properly to keep in peace when things don't go right for  us in our jobs, financially, health setbacks, etc.  

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