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10/23/18 - Day 116 - Love Always is God's Word

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Today is 10/23/18. The endless struggle with the Bible. I  know I need to spend more time reading it, but for some reason it just  gets overlooked. Tobe honest, the Book is a very hard read. I just need to cut the time wasting and dive all into it.


I am glad this is a short entry because I am beyond sleepy. I am getting a slight cold also, I think it is from stress. Also didn't help I was up at 4AM for no reason whatsoever.

I am actually surprised that the other guy has not messaged me yet telling me to go away or something. Either way, I am standing my ground and moving forward with The Love Dare.

  • Have you scheduled a specific time each day to read?  If you leave it up to I will read it when I get a chance each day it just won't happen.  Some bibles are easier to  read than others.  Maybe you have one written that his harder to read.  Ask the priest what bibles he recommends.  

    I believe the Catholic church uses the New American Bible during Mass.  

  • Get different versions of the Bible and compare them. If I didn't read a chapter a day I would probably lose my mind. I get a different message every time I read. I use an app that has a common English version. It is very easy to understand. Just have to be careful of some of the Greek and Hebrew translations.

    Proud of you for standing firm. I'm still trying my best after almost four months post d.

  • Tim,

    I have not, which does allow it to get overlooked.  Let's be honest about it. I just need to stop making excuses and get to it!


    You are far stronger than most for sure. No doubt about it. it is weird too, I enjoy reading it, just rarely do it.

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