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10/20/18 - Day 113 - Love Always Completes Each Other

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Today is 10/20/18. I have not actually completed todays dare yet, but I am going to talk to Erika tonight about my situation regarding my son and ex wife.
First off, I am absolutely smoked today. It is 9:00PM and I just want to sleep.

Here is what I am looking at. My ex wife and I are trying to figure out an acceptable solution for custody with my son.

Here are the options
I move to Las Vegas
I gives up my son 9 months out of the year
She gives him up 9 months out of the year
She moves back here

Each of these has an assortment of issues with it though. There are just so many details involved with each option that I can't even explain them all.
I move to Las Vegas - Honestly, it is just not something I can do at this time. First off, I am not ready to sell my home, not to mention I would need to put in a lot more work just to make it marketable. Then I would need to find a new job there also.  Because of my bankruptcy also, I do not even know what would happen if I sold it.

I / She gives up my son 9 months out of the year - We both do not deem this acceptable.

She moves back here - First off, she has nothing here. No home, no car, and no job. Her living here would just create tension and mess with my son. I can't afford to help her get a place to live either, not to mention she has an eviction on her record. So I suggested she stay in Vegas and work to save up money, well that sounds good in theory, until she loses the PA benefits (CCIS). The cost of daycare for my son would go from $25/week to $200/week. I can't afford that no matter what I do.

Honestly, I am just too tired to explain more. I also think there is so much going on in my head I am getting confused.

  • Could she move in with your parents?  After she found a job she could pay them a meager monthly rent. And if they could watch your son she could give them  something for daycare costs.  This way your parents would make some money (I am not assuming anything about their finanacial status) and she could get a good deal with rent/daycare.  

  • You've been talking a lot of being tired and no energy.  I know nothing about these things so take what i say with   a grain of salt.  Some people will say depression, lack of energy, etc is not putting things in God's hands and putting Him first.  (I am not thinking that of you.)  Some say it could be a chemical imbalance.  (I am not saying it is this either.)

    All i know is it is tough enough in this trial yet alone when you aren't feeling on par.  

  • I do realize your parents may not be in the best shape to take on full time day care.  But maybe helping out a bit would make a difference if they were able to.

  • Tim, that is an option we are looking at. There are a lot f tings in the table here. I will update on this as decisions are made.

    I have a meeting with my Psychologist tomorrow to talk more about it. I need to figure it out though, it is no way to live. I am going to inquire about some medical testing to see if there is anything that we can see to get an idea of why I feel so drained.

    My parents can help a bit, just not full time. I know there is an answer out there, just waiting on God for it.

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