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10/10/18 - Day 103 - Love Always Protects

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Today is 10/10/18. Parasites, I believe I have eliminating the obvious addictions and such that are in my life in the previous rounds. One of the benefits from this is that it frees up more time in my life. The downside of it now though is I find myself having little interest in most things. Getting rid of my camera was something I did for Erika, but now with the way things are going, I am sad I gave it up.  I can't afford to buy a new one either. Maybe this is not the right mindset though.


I have no idea why, but it was an odd day. For some reason I was really missing Erika today and so was my son. I think when he mentioned her is what triggered it for me. Either way, I wish it would stop.

Let me be real for a second. Do I really need Erika in my life? No. That doesn't mean she the girl I still want to make my wife though. She means so much to me, as if enduring 103 days of rejection doesn't say that loud enough. I am just at a point in my thoughts where someone else just does not appeal to me. Obviously she is not in the same camp as me on that. Thinking back to the letter she left me basically saying we can't be friends.... I think that was her way of fully committing to this other guy without telling me directly.

I hate to say this, but i am losing faith in The Love Dare for reconciling with Erika,, though it has bought God back into my life.

  • We all come here to win our spouse back. But we realize sooner or later that this really is a journey between us and Christ.  

    We can't change the other person's will. God won't change the other person's will.  The LD certainly won't change their will.

    So, no matter what happens with her, the LD was a success with you since it did bring you closer to God.  

    103 days feels like an eternity, but it is just building the foundation of Christ in your life.  It really isn't that much time.  And she needs more time to see your testimony.  God can  change things overnight or in a second if He chooses, but for things to stick with us, He seems to take much longer for us of the flesh, which is all of us.  

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