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9/19/18 - Day 82 - Love Always is Kind

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Today is 9/19/18. I had to break radio silence today to attempt the dare. I decided my act of kindness would be inviting Erika to get Chipotle for dinner with me, so I called her. Too bad she had just got food for dinner 5 minutes before I called! Oh well, still a good thing in my mind because the effort was there. Other than that few moments on the phone, radio silence.


I decided to work from home today, so it was a less stressful day. I also cleaned out the air intakes for my furnace, replaced the air filter in the furnace, purchased two mini air filters, and vacuumed the house. My son has asthma, so it is a good idea to keep things super clean. Other than that, not too much happened today.

I did decide I am going to do some more fasting starting tomorrow. I may actually try and water fast until Sunday. We will see.Going to be hitting the prayers hard during my fasting time though.

  • I pray the fasting and extra prayer time  brings you further in your journey to Christ.  

  • fasting without prayer is a diet! so yes, pray as much as you can.

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