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9/14/18 - Day 77 - Love Still Agrees in Prayer

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Today is 9/14/18. Prayer is something that is becoming much more natural to me now. There is a routine that I have developed that is working well for me. The downside of it though is that my prayers fall into a routine, meaning it is the same information. I need to work on breaking out of that and allowing God deeper. So to complete the dare for today, I had to use snapchat. I sent Erika a video invitation to come over and pray with me when she returns from New York. I also added that she could even just pray at the same time as me too. At this time, she viewed it but I have not got a response. The invite is there, now it is all up to her.


Nothing to really update down here. Just plan on getting some work done around the house tomorrow so I can rest on Sunday after Mass and RCIA :)

  • I pray you get a lot out of RCIA.  I often think the same thing.  The same prayer of petition and praise.  

  • Thank you! Honestly, I am really looking forward to meeting some people that are eager to share the faith.

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