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9/13/18 - Day 76 - Love Still is God's Word

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Today is 9/13/18. I have made reading the Bible a daily activity already at this point. What I enjoy about the Bible is the Word of God is applicable to even my own situations today. I am beginning to really enjoy reading now though, previously I felt as I was trying to make it through a college textbook.


Today went well! Erika came over for a little and had mashed potatoes, wine, and cookies. She told me about her mini vacation, weekend plans for going to New York, and school. It was great getting to hear about her life again. She even helped me cook a little :). I also gave her the T-shirt, she was a big fan of it! I walked her out to the car and she gave me a big hug before leaving. I am happy and sleepy now!

  • Great reaction to the dare, now remember to take time to be thankful to God for the time you spent together, the let him know how much more you love him, thankfulness in the dares that are completed like this are easy to be thankful in, but it is equally important to be thankful for the hard ones.

  • Just what Josh said.  

    Next time you feel the frustration and hurt or  anger in all of this.  Remember the happiness you feel now.  And then go to a level of joy in Christ that  surpasses happiness.

  • God is Good :)

  • One thing I can say, if it was not for having a study Bible, I would never be able to make heads or tails of God's Word.

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