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8/11/18 - Day 45 - Love is Still Not Rude

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Today is 8/11/18. This morning I asked the dares question and even followed up once. I did not get a response :(



Wow am I tired. Getting up super early and flying all day took its toll on me. It was awesome to finally spend some time with my son after him being away exactly 2 months now. Tomorrow we have some fun plans with him! 

Okay, on to  Erika. So not too much to be said or done with her today. I sent her a text in the morning asking her about the 3 things. She said she ha a migraine and would get back to me about them later. After my flight landed, about 6 hours from the first text, I asked her about the dogs and added in a little reminder about the questions. Well it is now the end of the day and I have not got an answer. I am just going to let it go.

  • Good to let go and let God. Don't worry about whether a she has thought about your text or not, let God have it,abed rest in his geace.

  • Dare completed the first time you asked.  

    If you were really concerned about the dogs, that's fine to text. But if you were using it as a reason to also follow up on the dare question, then it is best to not text at that point.

    Could you have called to ask about what three things?  

    Yes, let it go when she doesn't respond.  Her responding isn't the most important part of the dare.  you trusting Christ and doing the dares as intended is.

  • I never thought about it like that. From now on, I will just do the dare and wait on her. I would have called if I was not traveling with my dad all day. He is all over me with questions about everything all day!

  • I already read the Day 6 again, so  I know I do not have to contact her at all today, so I will not be unless it is an emergency.

  • I had assumed there was a reason you weren't calling.

    if your dad is asking questions all day about what's going on with her, remember you can be a witness to Christ to your dad as well.

  • Very true, excellent advice!

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