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8/2/18 - Day 36 - Love is God's Word

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“Today is 8/2/18. What a draining day…… So looking at my life, I need God to provide counsel in a few areas of my life. I need him to assist me in being a better father. I also need God to teach me how to be content with being by myself. Lastly, I think I need help in setting up my priorities. I feel I am most susceptible to failure by giving into the sin of lust. That is why I am just preventing situations of sexual lust all together. I am asking God to show me through His word how to walk the path He designed for me. How to love as He intended. ”


Looking over Jenn’s old journal entries, I have no idea how she was always so positive and strong. I am absolutely spent and drained from today. Buying a new bed and dresser because she is taking ours killed me. Saturday all her thing should be gone. I talked to her a little bit tonight and it was an alright conversation after a rocky start. I got it off on a bad foot by telling her that  if her step dad tried to take our dining room table I would have him removed from the house. I just worry because I can’t afford a new table and her stuff is just going to storage anyway, so it won’t even be getting used. After that we talked a little bit about her and the other guy. In my opinion, they are making some major mistakes right off. Too early to be investing into anyone aside from God and yourself. Emotionally you will just take anything that makes you happy for a moment. Next, she practically is living with him, they have known each other for 5 months maybe? Lastly…. He introduced her to his kids. I straight told her to protect herself. I also told her they messed up big  by introducing her to the kids that soon. I told her they are still in the honeymoon phase and it's too early. The kids don’t deserve that if things don’t work out. I don’t want to see any child get hurt, even if it is the one of the guy that currently took my fiance. I still am not even sure how I am going to explain it to my son when he comes home. She didn’t think so, but he adored her. He loved to play with her and spend time with her. He loved when she would read to him. Maybe I am wrong, but when I asked her if she thought about these things, she said she did, I don’t think she really did. When children are involved, you need to fight, even when you feel as if you don't have any left in you. That is assuming the relationship is not negatively affecting the kids. I pray every night that my son handles it well.


Side note! Why should it have taken an entire hour to get an order I placed online for pickup at IKEA? Jeez!

  • Be open to God offering council through His word, people  He places and has placed in your life, and any other way He so chooses to offer council.  

    Removing yourself from an environment that offers more opportunity for lust is a good idea.  Remove the opportunity for temptation, for lust or any other sin.

  • Be careful talking about him or what she's doing.  Especially if you are doing it in a way to indirectly chastise her. Which is very easy to do even under the guise of gently correcting her inappropriate ungodly behavior.

    Because she may very easily take it as an opportunity to further justify her actions.  And  she may become very protective of him and their friendship.  If she does, it really isn't him  she's protecting, it's her  protecting or justifying  her behavior.  

    It is crazy how so often these people bring the kids into the relationship.  

  • The words you say, even if  she understands you are right, may swarm around in her mind, and the conviction she feels from it will embolden her to  retaliate at some point.  Or it may fester and  bring anger in her  toward you.  It may not happen, but is possible.  But, she will know you are right. And  God uses everything for your good since you love Him.  

    Just be careful of your  motivation in talking to her about her  mistakes.  Make sure you are saying this to lead her in God's ways.  We can often think we are doing this but in actuality we are doing it  to protect what we want, not for reasons of protecting them from doing evil.  

    You've let her know.  Don't keep bringing it up.  Not saying  you would.

    I am guessing I sound like I am all over the place in this reply.  So, make sure to pray upon anything I say if you deem it may make sense.

  • Tim,

    Speaking of people, I am thinking about asking my Aunt if I can set up a conversation on the phone with her brother who is a Catholic Priest.

    I think what brought that on is Erika is a teacher and she knows how that is going to change these kids lives if things don't work out. She does know my thoughts, no longer am I going to express them.

  • Good idea  of speaking to this priest.  She sure would know the consequences with the kids.  I am sure she's seen it in the classroom.

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