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Light Bulb Moment?

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So something just clicked with me. I am just sitting in the car eating some ice cream :).


Well anyway, this whole Love Dare thing is for straight making yourself so much better. This connection you develop with God and gives you so much power and strength. You are now given the correct tool set to take on the multiple challenges in life. Now you have learned how to truly love somebody, the way it was meant to be done. You can find true happiness from within and you do not have to look externally for it.  it is so calming and peaceful.


Then once you are all set and ready to go, you get to pick that certain person and invite them along for the ride with you, obviously your spouse.

  • Right on! this is a journey between you and Jesus, if you are looking into his eyes for your needs then everything will fall into place.

    This is a very un-human way of looking at it because we invariably impose our will on things without thinking about it but the principal is there, and the peace you get from understanding it is so freeing.

  • Yes that power and strength and happiness within, when you know it is only from God and not of you at all, it is such a gift.  

    It's sad that most  all of us had to endure this trial to get to realize that.  

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