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To Do / Keep Myself Busy

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With Erika being gone for a week starting tomorrow, I am going to need to keep myself busy. I have compiled a list of things that I am looking to complete around the house that need done. Any basic tasks you can think to add? Keep in mind this is a large list and a lot to tackle, but it needs done.

Posting it here will keep me accountable for getting the work done. Also note, this work is being done for the good of the house, not in an attempt to please Erika. I just want the house to be more appealing and to feel more like "home".

  • Looks like a busy week. Don't know what else you could add. Fixing up the house will pay dividends. Great idea. It will keep your mind off things too. I would just suggest singing some church hymns all week while you work.

  • I forgot to add to fix the giant hole in the drywall downstairs from when we had a kitten hide in the wall.

    Might be listening to some faith based music :)

  • It's hard not to have expectations when you get things done around like that, but as a good stueward of what God gives us we can do them for Him, and as an added benefit she may like it.

    No expectations.

  • Thanks for the input Josh!

    No I agree, it is hard and it will be hard. The real thing is I want to sell the home at one point, it is a townhouse that is just too small now. So the work will increase the value, so I will keep that in my mind also.

  • Something I need to remember....Work for the Lord.  Not your boss...Not for someone else.  (I am saying this to myself, not you.)

    Good idea to play or sing church music Eddie .

    EWTN radio may be something in your area to be good to listen to.  If you google search EWTN, you can see if they have a station near you.

  • Looks like I am able to stream it online :)

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