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7/11/18 - Day 15 - Love is Honorable

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“Today is 7/11/18. Today the dare was to show honor. I made sure I held every door for her, including the car door. I carried all the stuff we had to buy and everything. My mindset going into this dare was to treat her like a Disney princess. The gestures were well received and she thanked me each time! I think one of the biggest things I could do in the future to show her honor is something that Fred Rogers did for everyone. When he would talk to someone it was as if you were the only person in the world. He would be fully engaged with you. That is something that I am striving for. Today is the last night I was able to see her for a week. As I write this, she is now gone. At least the smores were amazing!"


So today gave the Great Dane back to the original owner. I am going to miss that girl, 9 months with her here. Best dog ever! Since it was her last night here, I requested we spent some time together and she agreed. We got some dinner at Chipotle to start the night off. We then came home and made a nice little fire, made some smores and listened to piano music while talking. Just being around her in this way, I could feel myself falling more for her, I had the stupid dreamy face gaze on, you know the type in the movies. It was a really good night. A good note to end on before her vacation. While we were sitting there at the fire, a couple times I just looked up to the sky, crossed my hands, and whispered “Thank you God for this, it is a good night”.

P.S. After I backed her car out tonight for her to leave, I gave her a hug and told her to be safe.

  • Remembering those good times, and thanking God for them is a great, and remember to do this always. Don't forget to make margin to be in prayer and Bible study, I would recommend you get a copy of "the believers daily renewal" it is a small devotional (only 35 days) but it is concise and easy to read.

  • Just as Josh said, enjoy those moments and thank God for  them and let Him know you enjoy Him all the more.

    And you did that.  That's  terrific.  

    I am not saying this will happen.  but if it does, do not worry.  Sometimes those dreamy faces, and giving undivided attention throw them into a tailspin.  and get them angry.  If so, and again, I am not thinking it will happen to you, but if so, you may need  to back off a bit in showing to much honor.  Makes no sense, but right now our spouses are making  little sense.  

  • Awesome night. Thank the Lord.

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