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Learning and Growing minute by minute and day by day

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So having made it this far finally I am beginning to see and look at things differently.  Most of you who are current have seen my troubles and my faults.  So this past Sunday I wrote about my experience on Monday to only realize the dare for Monday how it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was getting comfortable and I allowed my flesh to take over and it allowed a bomb to go off in my relationship with my wife.  However it was a necessity so that I could realize that I keep trying to take control instead of believing and trusting God.  I am such a fool for thinking I could control it and I am laughing when I wrote that because it is true.  Today’s dare seem easy when you read it, but thinking about my past few days when no more than 10-12 words have been spoken between my wife and I it seems like a difficult challenge.  However I look forward to it as I know the Good Sheppard is always watching whether I see him or no.  God has done some great things to me lately.  I have actually started reading the bible again starting with Job and I remember reading about it previously.  I started reading more every day now not as much as I would like but it is a start.  I think I will read more of John today and some of Job.  I trust in God with today’s dare and I will complete it.  Yesterday’s Dare 21 made a good impression on me but I even read the bible on Tuesday not even knowing that yesterday’s dare was reading more and praying which is a great step for me waling with God and becoming more aware of his love.  It has been very un-easy for me to let go of being in control of things but day by day it has become easier.  I think tonight I will apologize to my wife for the events that happened on Sunday, just don’t know what to really say other than I am sorry but that is a start.  Whether she listens or says anything I will need to do this as I have prayed for forgiveness and forgave her, she doesn’t know I have thought but she deserves to hear it.  It is interesting how todays dare and all of the dares work more for life than our spouses which is why most of us are here in the first place, but it is for our relationship to improve and become closer to Christ, but you can practice the dares throughout the day not just at home and in silence.  I hope this makes sense to those of you who are reading.  I have not given up hope for my marriage and I will never give up.  I hope this finds you all well in health and your journey.  Remember you are not alone and God is always with us no matter what our situations, just keep believing and have trust in him for all things can be done with his strength and love. 


  • That's great that you are learning and growing minute by minute, and day by day......But when that growth appears to slow down, do not be discouraged, but look for new ways to continue the growth.  Or don't get comfortable when you realize how far you came from where you were.  You may feel like you would never do that, but it is natural for us humans to do so.  Just like it is natural for us to become comfortable with our marriage and then we can become complacent.  

    and yes, that is great you are taking what you learn in the LD and using it in other areas of your life as well.  

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