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Accepting things

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Good morning all,


I have finally realized a lot of things recently.  All of the hurt that I caused my family especially my wife as my children are little to fully comprehend the things that I have done.  however I have accepting things as they are and will deal with them as they come.  I have finally realized during the last few days that everything will be alright even though all of the things that I have done that were bad.  The reason I have been able to understand them is the self reflecting and the guidance from you all here that support and have given me advice and the grace of God that is the only reason I am a state of peace that I am.  I have realized that all of this has happened has a purpose and I accepted his forgiveness and I understand that things will be good one way or the other as he has deemed my path on this earth.  I have been frustrated, rude, bitter and many other things to my family but it has been forgiven and I have the opportunity whether we are a family in one house or multiple to still do my part and do it better than I have had.  I haven't been able to do the dares the last 3 days do to my situation apart from my spouse, because I never really invested in our relationship and I know that now it may be salvageable but at the same time I understand that actions have consequences and I accept the outcome no matter how the out come is.  I am going to continue to do the dares every day or attempt them and have made a choice to do them again and again until my journey ends because this will only make me a better person for everyone.  This all hit me yesterday afternoon when I was talking to a friend who has been having a rough time with his marriage and I encouraged him to take the challenge and to complete the Love dare.  listening and I mean actually listening I could see what he is going through is some of what I put my wife through, but differently.  This had gave me joy as I realized after we talked that I more or less helped me see some things that I never did before about me.  I gave very little advice to him other than I recommended the dare a few times and said that if he wanted to do the journey to talk with me so that I can help him get to this place so that he can have a better guidance and people like you all to keep him accountable.  It is amazing how you all have inspired and kept me going with your stories and words of encouragement, I applaud all of you for not being selfish and being as transparent as you have with me.  I am not going anywhere anytime soon so I will be keeping in touch on here when I have some thoughts that I can put down on the screen.  I look forward to talking and exchanging things that we each grow and learn here together.  I have so much to write but I must get back to working.  Thank you.



being a better person everyday.

  • Terrific.  Now, keep directing your journey in ways to become closer to Christ.  And that's great you're sharing testimony with others when you have a chance.

    Others at first won't understand what you do, that through trials there is the peace of God above all understanding.

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