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Days 6&7

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So days 6k7 went alright I can't say it went great but some things seemed to have gotten better. I have ask God to take over in my life and relationship. I have grown distant from him the last few years and now I have gotten closer and have done more praying and just talk. The post the other day about victory had opened my eyes.  God has done some great things in my life the last few days.  So fill everyone in since I haven't posted in a bit.  Two days after my wife and kids went out of state for our relationship issues our air conditioner in the house went out and didn't have much money since my own selfish ways and the trip they went on. Well everything has gotten better my wife has been talking to me and we have made progress I think and she has been telling me she loves me and I am taking it as it is not negative aspects of it. The air conditioner is fixed now and things seem to be better direction for now. Every stay strong and endure the trials and tribulations and understand that there is a plan whether we understand or not we have to just have faith and understand he has the best for us.  The dares went well and it shows me it is harder to find the positive things versus the negative with my wife. I do undertand that I need to look and observe and appreciate her and what she brings to our relationship. Hope you all have a good day and have faith.  

  • Some of us have a longer negative list, some a longer positive list.  Don['t concern yourself it if it bothers you.  The dares will open you up so you see the good more so now than you had in the past.  And the dares will also show you how to not let the negatives influence you like before.

    If she goes downhill a bit after having some decent days,do not let that lead your emotions.  She may feel she needs to still show you she is incontrol and is not caving in.  

  • Tim, yes you are right and she is a roller coaster and that is ok, I am learning this and asking God to give me the strength to look at things positively and I have faith in him.  it Is not in my hands but his.  I did get frustrated yesterday but I prayed and I received the answer that I needed.  thank you for your support.

  • May the Lord bless your marriage, change you through the dares and be the center point of your restore marriage.

  • Thank you Snaz, however yesterday I hit a road block another down time but God helped me through it and then today I get a message from my wife but I do not know how to take it or her meaning other than what the words say.  I may be reading into it more than I should, however I am leaving it in God's hands and working better everyday to be a better person first so that I can be a better father/husband.  I am also going to counseling to help understand and how to cope with this situation.

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