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  • Ashamed Signing Off

    My first SN was Ashamed, now it's Damascus Road or DR. See you on the flip side.
  • Need a Woman's Perspective

    I would like a woman's perspective on this, guys you can chime in as well. My screen name is Ashamed partly what I put my wife through for 11yrs. The other part is because she found porn on my phone. Not just any porn, but transgender porn. I am heterosexual...
  • Has LD Worked

    Okay, I have been going through and reading post of other people that are in tremendous pain. Does LD work to bring back the spouse? Sure it looks like it's a way to draw closer to God, which is awesome, all for it, but what about the marriages. I...
  • Public Apologie

    I had been thinking about this for some time, after my wife said she wanted a public apologie in the form of a divorce, and that was to go on social media and apologize for things that had happened in our marriage. I got a few responses from friends about...
  • How to build trust

    She talks to me, and I'm trying to interact and have conversation with her. It's hard to, its like a whole another side of me is trying to wake from a long sleep. I care and love her very much, but my attention span for a conversation can be very...
  • Intro

    I am a 40 year old husband and father of 2. I am ashamed of how I have treated my wife of 11 years this spring. Everything Christ commanded us to do in regards to our wives I have done the opposite. My wife feels unhappy, unsafe and used. I truly love...
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