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How to build trust

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She talks to me, and I'm trying to interact and have conversation with her. It's hard to, its like a whole another side of me is trying to wake from a long sleep. I care and love her very much, but my attention span for a conversation can be very short. Today is not be rude, but ask what is irritating to her. I don't make her feel safe, not physically, but more so emotionally. I use to bring home the cares and frustration of work and she was the one that it gotten taken out on. Now she doesn't trust me, which I understand. How do you build that trust, intimacy when it's been betrayed?

  • Prayer, time and action. It may take awhile, but she will see the changes in you. Until then, focus on God and continue with the dares. As you draw closer to God, she will notice through your attitude and actions

  • Just as Pennhiker said.  Doing a dare a day and doing it to be on a journey with Christ.  She will see your changes.  She will not trust they are real, only temporary to win her back, then revert to your old ways.

    So, stay consistent in the dares so she at some point will trust this is the new, real you.

  • Coming from someone of a similar issue.  I had anger issues.  I also was lost in deep depression.  She tried to talk to me and I lashed out angrily a lot.

    What has worked for me, to change me, was to do the dares.  I did them twice.  I learned a lot about love, and my role as a husband and my relationship with Christ.

    I also sought professional counseling.  I am on antidepressants, and found my triggers for my anger.  I have also gone to Celebrate Recovery at my church.  I have seen many changes in myself and my friends have as well.  

    Work on you.  Hopefully she will cooperate and share with you what lead to this.  

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