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This weekend...

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This weekend we 'had' to go up to the cabin.  There was an issue with our neighbor.  The trip was not for 'fun'.  But God had other plans.

We got up there Friday late afternoon.  We hung out and took care of some things.  We then watched a series my husband has been watching which was wonderful.  He looked at me and asked me what was wrong when we got done with the last one for the night.  I told him I really didn't want to sleep alone up here.  He told me he would sleep in the bed instead of the blow up mattress we brought up.  I was thrilled.

He woke up really early the next morning and took our dog out to the river and took pictures of the sunrise.  He came back and we went to breakfast and went exploring for hours at different camp sites alone the river to take more pictures and enjoy ourselves.  We have just purchased this and have only been up here a handful of times because of our issues so we have never done this yet.

We had a wonderful celebrating God's creation and enjoying each other, our Dog and the day.  That evening he went out for a bit and found a neat little deli/market and told me he wanted me to be ready to leave in a bit so he could pick me up.  We went there and got steaks and corn and stuff and we bought a grill for up at the cabin and he bbq'd.  We cooked together doing the things we used to do to prepare a meal.

We received information about our daughters health that was very concerning and we together discussed the best way to discuss it with her.  It was very cool to be on the same page because I don't need to be in charge of the page anymore. 

Again, we shared the bed, which was a huge deal.  We talked and I thanked him in this morning.

As soon as it was time to pack up to come home, the walls went right back up.  He hates the house we live in since this is where all the 'bad' stuff happened.  He calls it 'my house' making sure I know he doesn't consider this home.  We talked about it a bit and I was sick to my stomach thinking it was going to be awful when we got home.

it wasn't as bad as it has been.  God is doing great work in my heart. He is helping me to realize that my husband is in His hands as well and He is doing a mighty work in him as well.

I don't know what will be the end of this journey, but I can tell you that 23 days ago that would have brought me to my knees in fear, tears, and terror.  I trust God to know what is best for us now, I also have faith that my husband is seeking God,.  I also believe in us but that is now second.



  • Thank God for the changes in just 3 weeks.  Who could believe great changes can happen so quickly.  It's beyond understanding.  Things will continue to get better in you because you are  now  seeing more so that  the marriage is second and God is far and above first.

    That wall will go back up after this good weekend.  and remember to thank God for  the weekend and  let Him know you enjoy Him all the  more.  But after he let his wall down, he just feels the  need to put the wall back up so  he doesn't appear to have caved in.  It's his way of justifying  to himself he's in the right.

    but, he  let the wall down and as much as he puts it back up, he's  wore the path of  putting the wall down a little deeper and it  will be a little easier to put  the wall down next time. And when it goes back up, I bet it won't stay up as high as he puts it for very long  .For one, it is tiring for  them to  always be so cold.

  • AS you said in the first sentences.  God uses everything for the good of those that love Him.  

    A trip out of necessity and not fun turned into a great weekend for the both of you.

  • I bet if you hadn't done the 23 days this weekend would have not turned out so well.

  • You're a different person. That will slowly show. The weekend sounds like it was very therapeutic. He saw good. He saw possibilities. So many positive things happened. So thankful for that. Hopefully he will figure out a way to get rid of those negative feelings of "your house" and it will turn into "our house" again. Seems like a lot for him to deal with. You have to remain strong for both of you. It's a lot but God is with you. Trust in Him. You know that.

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