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Day 23 Love always protects

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This was difficult because I had done all that this tells us to do immediately.  My husband was very clear about what things were 'in the way' of me showing him compassion and respect.  The TV at night and my work never ending at home because I am on call.  There was one other but I had handled that over a year and half ago and that was our daughter's constant need for money that he wanted us to take a harder line on.

My difficulty is that to him it was too late.  His feeling was that I knew he needed sleep and was ignoring his need out of disrespect and a lack of concern for his health.  While it couldn't be farther from the truth, with his depression there is no way to help him understand.  Besides, he is right, if I hadn't been selfish I would have seen it for myself.  I would have recognized his frustrations even without him telling me.  I would have been more compassionate.and thoughtful.and I would have known.

I pray he understands and see's the changes in my heart as I grow closer to God each day knowing He is the only one who will heal my husbands heart and help me become the child of God he wants me to be for Him.

  • Evil and the flesh tell us it is too late. That we realized what changes to make and made the changes so late it will not help.  That things have gone too far and things can never get better.

    But...God is never late. His timing is perfect.  And even through his depression,  God can show him what he needs to see.  

  • My MH said the same stuff last I spoke to her. She gave upon the house and let the mess start piling up and told me that was showing what was going on on the inside. I was oblivious and could not see it or hear it.

    But she brought it up, as did your husband, it will never come up if they didn't think about it.

  • I was very disrespectful to my wife for a long time. I used to keep the TV loud even though she would ask for me to turn it down. On the other hand she used to put work above everything. It seemed like she was on call every day and weekend and it made me so mad. I wanted her to drop everything and spend time with me. With the family. She wouldn't so I refused to turn the TV volume down. I was wrong. I didn't show love. It was a battle that no one could win. Until we learn to put the other above ourselves there will never be a winner. Once we do put the other above us we both win and so does God. Oh, if it were only that simple.

    Pride and selfishness are monsters. The devil uses those feelings so well. He divides us with them.

    Like you, I pray for my wife to see changes in me and for Him to heal her heart. Amazing things are possible now that we are aware of how we should be. With time God will have us in the right place. We just have to be patient and wait in Him.

  • I do feel like we get to the point that we think it's too late. Sarah laughed when God told her she was going to have a son at age 90. She thought it was "too late." God said "Why does she doubt Me. Does she not know that anything is possible for God?" It's NEVER too late.

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