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Day 18 follow up....

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Last night after dinner I was so exhausted having not slept more than 4 hours any night this week that I found myself nodding off in the living room.  My husband was at his desk and asked if I was going to go to bed.  I said yeah I probably should.

I told him he was welcome to come with me or join me later.  He DIDN'T say his normal immediate response of "NO" or "NOPE".  It made me smile inside although I knew he wasn't ready for that but it gave me comfort that the Lord was at work.

The conversations we have had the last few days morning and evening have been hard.  I had tried to explain to him that satin was attaching him through his depression and that he couldn't see the things he's been believing and feeling have all be attacks.  He heard me say satin is in your heart.  It crushed him and angered him.  I tried my best to explain what I was actually saying but once I say something it is locked down, when it is something bad.  He said he forgave me for saying that because it wasn't what I meant.  He said he knew now what I had meant.  This exchange occurred 2 mornings ago.

He hasn't let go of it and it has bothered him since.  It has given us the opportunity to actually talk about God.  I told him God is the most important thing we should still be sharing through this journey we are both on.  That we used to share our daily Bible verses together and read and pray more than just the morning and meals together which is what we are doing now.  That He is at the core of where we are both heading that will heal us.  

So the conversations have been surrounding that for the last two days, and last night when I stopped preparing dinner it was for him to share with me about what he had been thinking and that he wanted me to know he was thinking about it all.

It meant the world to me.  God is the only one who can help him soften his heart and see me through Christ's eyes not the worlds.  My prayer is that I stay focused only on God so God can be left to do His work in my husband and not me trying to do it for him.

  • When this first happened to me there were nights that I didn't sleep at all. It got a little better after a few months but now I'm back to only 5 or 6 hours a night. This is a lot to deal with and it does not seem to get easier. I can imagine that if we were worldly it would get easier, because there are little to no consequences, but as Christians we have a responsibility to be set apart. We are on a different path than non believers and it is much more difficult. We will endure pain as Christ did.

    If I told my wife that the devil was influencing her she would have my head on a pike. If your husband can at least listen to that he is doing very well. It's so huge to have the insight to be able to realize that there are outside forces acting on us. Keep being gentle with the truth because that's what it takes, but only when the opportunity arises. Do not seek opportunity. As you said, let God work on his heart.

  • Be careful when you say anything about them needing to do anything, just love and do the dares, but it is great to hear that he is opening to sharing.

  • A dare a day, no more, no less.  Doing more can so often push our spouses away.  So be very cautious in doing more than the dare says to do.

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