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Day 18 - delayed but worth it....

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My husband got sick and ended up on Antibiotics yesterday so I couldn't make him dinner as he wasn't well enough to eat and went right to sleep.  on the chair instead of the floor. 

Tonight though he was still sick but hungry.  I offered to pick up dinner and he said ok.

One of our favorites is breakfast for dinner, so that is what I chose.  We didn't talk much during dinner but it was neat that he talked to me while I was prepping.  I stop everything and gave him my complete attention.  It was amazing, it came naturally and I could feel God!

I hope someday I can share my journal with him.

We were to go up to the cabin today but he is just too sick.  It was odd and cool I could see the Lord in me so much.  The growth humbled me.  I would have been upset we didn't go because I wanted to.  Today the only thing that bothered me about not going was the fact that my husband was going to sleep on an air bed.  That would be so much better than what he is doing at the house.

Prayers for him to continue to see that God at work in me, and that he starts to really fight satin.  If he does the Lord in James says the devil will flee.

God is in control and I am getting more and more comfortable with that each day.  I am so sad this all had to happen but I am so very thankful it brought me back to our Lord. 

  • I know I come across negative so often.  Please don't take it that way.  I know how it can feel.  You are doing better in the dares than I ever did.

    For now, do not worry about sharing your journal with him.  If he sees it he may not see it as a journey between you and Christ but a step by step guide to win him back.  a ruse to con him into lowering his wall.  Same on praying he sees the changes in you.   So often we want these things to happen so that our spouse lowers there wall so our life becomes easier and this trial softens.  Not truly so that our spouse sees and follows Christ.

  • Maybe your intentions are just, but put the focus of you decreasing while Christ increases.

    That's great you are gettng more comfortable letting God take control.  Don't get comfortable and let up on your journey with Christ.  It can be easy to do without realizing it.  

  • It's hard to admit that God is in control. I mean fully and 100% admit to yourself. In my studies so far Abraham, Moses, and many of the patriarchs did that. They still doubted at times, because who wouldn't, but they still gave everything to God. And it always worked out for them. What f we could do the same. Imagine the blessings.

    It would be awesome to share these journals with my wife, if she could be objective. There's a lot of feelings both positive and negative that would take a godly, open, and forgiving heart to deal with. Maybe someday God will make this happen.

    Keep working on yourself. Work to give God the glory no matter what happens.

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