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Day 17 - its so late... but a leap of Kindness I took

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So as I was reading my dare 18 my husband came into the room to the restroom, he was audibly having a hard time breathing.

He went to the restroom and when he came out his teeth were chattering and he was shaking by the sound of his breath.  I asked if he had the chills and he just walked out.  I followed him immediately to the living room. He was wearing a sweatshirt jacket over his pjs and pulling the blankets up off the floor to the chair.  Instead of asking him anything I started picking up the remaining blankets and covering him.  There were still a few on the ground but I stopped and leaned into him and hugged him so he could get my warmth.  He said he couldn't breath so I backed up a bit but stayed close enough to help get him warm.  

When he was stable I went to make him a cup of tea to warm his insides, he said he didn't need it, I told him then he didn't need to drink it.  I brought it back and set it next to him.

Then I proceeded to bring all but one of the blankets and pillows and pushed them all in on all sides so he felt 'hugged' by them.

Then my leap of kindness, I went into the office and set the cot back up.  I put the pad down I had bought and the last blanket over the pad.

I wrote him a note about Kindness and how it acts from love and thinks ahead and makes the first move.  That when you love someone as we do, you see a need and make the move to fulfil it.  I told him how thankful I was that he modelled that so well and that I was cherished and honored.

I told him that I am thankful for his patience as we move through the journey and that he is worthy of all things good.

I pray he receives it well, but if he doesn't I know the Lord is pleased I am working hard to emulate Him in my life and marriage.  

  • I think if he's that sick you should let him know you would like to call the doctor.  He may say no.  Say a prayer he says it is okay before  bringing this up.  I just remember having trouble  breathing years ago, and the doctor had me driven to the emergency room where I stayed in the hospital with phneumonia for 5 days.

  • Ask him things before you do them. Like getting him tea. Or pillows. Ask him what you can do for him. My wife did that a lot and my answer was always "nothing." Deep down I didn't mean that and I just needed her to probe a little further. I'm not saying that is what he wants but it's a possibility.

    This is one of those situations that makes the life of a Christian so difficult. You don't know what to do for your husband but you have a Christian obligation to him. You have to watch him suffer which is horrible but you need to keep praying and stay by his side. God will bring him out of this someday and if you are there it will be such a blessing for you both.

  • Tim,  that is what I did today, he let me know he was awake when I told our daughter to not text us both because he was sleeping.  I asked him how he felt and he said awful.  I asked if he was going to go to Urgent Care he told me maybe tomorrow he's not sure.

    I called our dr's office and got him in to get the lab work he needed to find out what was wrong.  I got him an apt.

    He thanked me and when they gave him a prescription I asked him to go home that I will pick it up and something for us to eat.  He allowed me to do so.  

    Eddie, later this evening the conversation was hard.  I did tell him that no matter what I was his forever, that I wasn't going to ever "move on" from him.  He will never be alone, he will never be homeless, he will never need to wonder, I will always be there by his side or ready to start fresh and love will never fail.

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