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Day 16 - Yahoo... I LOVED this dare!

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I loved loved loved loved this dare!!!  

Remembering the power of Prayer.  We pray together every morning before we leave the house for the day.  We pray at meals, and we pray at night sometimes not as much as we used to.

But praying for him all day was so much fun.  I looked for moments to stop what I was doing and remember the dare and pray for some or all of the things they suggested.  GOD LISTENS... His answer may be 'not now' or 'maybe' or even 'no' but HE listens and has our best in mind in all things.

It was a particularly sad night as I realized one of my husbands great sadness is that he doesn't think we will get to retire like 'everyone else' is getting to. But we are young in our pool of friends by many years in some cases and retirement is still far away.  He just thinks we are working out 'butts' off for a retirement that will never happen.  It isn't true but it is a deep sadness for him.

We talked and he just doesn't want to get out of where he is, I think it is safe to not trust me or anyone, it is safe to not expect anything or feel he deserves it because then it will hurt too much if he expects and is let down, which is what I did to him.

God has forgiven me I just pray my husband will someday.

I will continue this dare everyday, it was wonderful.  God is Good All the Time, All the Time God is Good.

  • As you pray every day for him, don't let that  prayer for him become selfish, where you pray he changes to make your life better.  It is so easy to do. if you ever find yourself in selfish prayer for him, just go back to praying for God's will to be done in his life.

  • Stay consistent over time in the dares and he will begin to trust you.  Right now, he is afraid the changes he sees will not last and are just temporary.  

  • I find myself praying so very often for my wife. When I'm driving, when I hear a song that reminds me of her, when I'm reading my Bible, when I'm watching TV. So much praying. I ask for her heart to be softened. I ask for God to protect her. I ask God to give her back to me. But I don't demand anything from God. I'm waiting patiently because I know, in His time, He will do what is best for me.

    In my second lesson on Exodus yesterday when hearing about Pharaoh and how his heart was hardened I was made aware that when God speaks to someone, one of two things happen. One, your heart is softened, or two, your heart is hardened. Once you hear the gospel you have to have one of those two things happen to you. Until your heart is softened you will walk around in sin. That's our spouses but we can't change them. We can only pray for them and wait for God to soften their hard hearts.

  • I loved this dare to, it helped me to get out of the rut of praying only for reconciliation. I needed to learn that my wife has needs that need to be met outside of her and I.

    lots of people have to big a view of retirement, not that it is bad but it can become a idol. I pray that your husband will see this and start looking at the here and now.

    rest in God's forgivness. I have a friend that was hurt by a leader in the his church and will have to wait till we reach heaven to be released fault. I know this sound bleak but it's the truth sometimes.

  • Eddie,  my husband is not walking in sin.  He loves our savior and Lord.  He is depressed and hurt.  

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