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Day 15 - Love is Honorable.

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It was hard on a day like today not to get caught up in  how good it felt.  We spent the day working on things together and I listened to him talk about all kinds of things.  It was a wonderful time, he saw me listening and it made him share more.

It felt so good to show him how much his words matter to me, how much he matters to me.

We were close and it was special.

When I went to bed I prayed I didn't put stock in the day but in God, I'm not so good at that.  I just want him to be with me again like he used to want to be.

I have had 2 bad dreams now about being alone and not being able to be found or find my husband.  I think it is the whole 360 thing.  Did he log out because he didn't want me to know where he was, or because he didn't care where I was, or something else.  Trying to give that to God, its a hard one.  One more small sign he doesn't care as much as he used to.

Praying that I stay focused on me and not him.  it is hard.

  • That's great you see that getting comfort from God is so much more important than comfort from a good time with your husband. Just enjoy those good moments and remember them, but as you did, let God know He is so much more important.

    The 360 thing...I  know you said you aren't the  type to snoop.  But you are now worrying why he turned it off.  And if he turns it back on, this worry may lead you to snooping.

    Let go of the worry about this.  Worry not of today.  Realize he turned it off to just show you he's doing  what he can to remain in control and justify his actions, and to show you he's not put his wall all the way down.

  • Only your husband and God know why he deleted the 360 thing. Probably like Time said, to show control. We, as humans, love to think we are in control but God is always in control. It never works out for us when we go rogue [from God.] When you dwell on it, it will only bring you grief. Like me dwelling on the question "Why is my wife, who I thought believed in God, even doing this?" Dwelling on it takes over your life. It's an idol. Get rid of it. His caring (his love) is a choice. If he can get through this he can make the decision to love you. It's not just going to materialize.

  • Amy, it is wonderful that you are seeing the need to look to God in the good times. I can only send mesages to MH through messenger app, it is difficult not seeing MH, I will bask thankfulness to see that she has seen the post and spend time in prayer and thanks that God is good, and loves me.

    this is a long sermon but a great one, my mom found it somewhere and it helped me in that time, I don't know if you need it or not but here it is.

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