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Day 8 - Finally something encouraging

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Jealousy is something I have never experienced.  I trusted my husband completely and without limits our entire life together.  He used to say that he was able to serve and be who he was to others because of the way I trusted him.

It was so easy to burn that list as I didn't want to make it in the first place.  I don't hold anything to account of things he has done or said.  It is not true unconditional love if you hold grudges or keep the past a part of the current or future.  That is not what God calls us to be for our spouse.

I did bring up one of the things on the list I most admire about him.  He can do anything.  He says I want to learn the piano, and poof he is playing songs as well as just amazing music of his own in weeks. He plays guitar since I have known him.  He wanted to learn the drums, he got a set and poof he was playing so good so fast. He sings and started recording himself for fun.  He is a videographer and photographer.  He has had to reinvent himself throughout the years in his career and each time he has taken on a new challenge he succeeds and becomes invaluable to those he does work for.

I told him how proud I was for his ability to do that.  It was awesome.

God is working in his heart I could feel it.  God is definitely working in mine.

  • that is so wonderful Amymg1 I am blessed to have read this, it is so good to see someone loving unconditionally and living in it, God bless you and your endeavor with more and more evedence of his work in both of your lives.

  • That's great you are feeling a good change in him.  But it is also a dangerous time when that happens, especially so early in the dares.  Because this is a time when most  people  want to pull their spouse's car up to there car.  And this  is us taking control from the work God is doing.  

    When we sense changes, we try to hasten the steps for our comfort and choose to ignore God's timing.  

    another  disadvantage is you don[t have as long of a time to  build endurance in Christ.  

    But it is great to feel the change in Him.  Thank God for  that and let Him know  you appreciate Him even more.  

  • If he has let his wall down some, do not  worry if he puts  his wall back up for a short time.  He may do that so he can prove to you and himself he hasn't caved in at all.  

    This is a time to remain very consistent in the dares.

  • Its great that you are able to see so much positive. Unconditional love is so difficult. As a human I will never be able to understand how Jesus did it. He loved us after everything we did to him. Just amazing love.

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