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Day 6 - Margins...

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It was a difficult day, After reading the chapter 3 times I realized that both my work and our daughter cross over so many lines that there isn't room for a lot of the things I should and want to be spending my energy and time on.

The hard part is that I don't know how exactly to fix either of them.  Lots of prayer.  I made big changes with respect to work immediately when this all came to a head.  

This is hard...

  • Life is hard, anyone who says different is selling something. Don't give in to worry, it's a mild case of atheism. I if the changes were made for Jesus would it be easier? Don't do them for your spouse do them for Jesus.

    Remember this is a journey between you and God. A reconciled marriage is a side blessing bestowed in God's time. Really dig into the Word and look to God for wisdom and direction. I Jesus said "if you ask in my name, my father will surely give it to you"

  • As Josh said, pray for wisdom in this.  It is good when we don't know how to fix things, because it forces us to rely of God and not ourselves, but our flesh gets frustrated and distracted when we aren't sure how to fix things.  

  • When you pray for wisdom God gives it to you. And you will see much more clearly. You will see sin in your life every day that you need to get rid of. At least I do. Pride is always at the top of that list.

    I read a book. I think it was His Needs Her Needs that said a couple should purposely schedule at least 15 hours of alone time with each other per week. That's how important marriage is. The most important relationship you will have aside from your relationship with God. Work, kids, television- none of that should have priority over your spouse. Its just hard to work it out like that unless your spouse is on board.

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